San Andres: The Startup Archipelago

We engaged in a study, funded by the UK FCO Prosperity Fund, to develop a plan using entrepreneurship to drive organic economic growth within the Department of San Andrés, Providencia & Santa Catalina (Gobernación de San Andrés/ GSA) supported by the Regional Government and the Congressman’s Office.

The vision is to transform the economy of the Islands from: A declining mass tourism model that is isolated from the local economy, which leaves little profit on the islands, which is indifferent to the adverse impact on the environment, that ignores local cultural creativity, and which engenders divisiveness amongst the local communities;

To: a high-value, high-quality tourism sector supporting wealth creation of local entrepreneurs, a social concord across all local stakeholders, that respects the biosphere and delivers sustainability; and a new Creative Industries economy that leverages local music and gastronomy to create new wealth from local creativity.


Doug Richard